How to profit from recycling precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

These metals are found in many types of industrial, Medical and consumer generated scrap.

If you have some material that contains precious metals, these are some important things you should know:

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  • What types of scrap contain precious metals?
  • How do I sell my scrap and how much is it worth?
  • How do I find a refiner that I can trust?
  • How do I send my precious metal scrap to the refiner?
  • How long until I get paid?
  • How can I buy Precious Metals for investment or to use in jewelry, dental work etc..?


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What types of materials contain precious metals?

Consumers generate a vast amount of precious metal scrap.



How do I sell my scrap gold, silver, platinum etc.?

If you have a refiner near you, you can simply stop by and drop off your material. However, if you are like most of us you will need to send your material to a trustworthy refiner. They should offer to pay for shipping for substantial amounts of precious metal bearing materials. For smaller batches US mail is only around $4.95 for priority shipping or call your refiner and ask for a rough valuation over the phone to see if it is worth sending. Always insure your package, it will insure your package is signed for. The better refiners will send you an email confirmation when they receive your package. Always include your contact information INSIDE the box or envelope you send. This way the refiner will have the info he needs to contact you even if the box is roughed up during shipping and the return address is unreadable. Make sure your email address in in there too.

Once the material is received, the refiner will be able to give you an idea of what it is worth. He can then process the material to get an accurate sample. The sample is then sent to an Assayer (usually) to get an independent and very accurate analysis of your material. This will detail what Precious metals are present and in what quantities. Now the refiner can give you an accurate valuation and make arrangements for payment either in money or Precious Metal.

How do I find a refiner I can trust?

The best way to find a reliable refiner for your precious metal scrap is a trusted recommendation or past experience. If you have a large amount of scrap you can send a small batch to evaluate the refiner. If you feel you have been treated fairly and you develop a sense of trust then you know where to send the balance of your precious metal scrap.

How do I get paid for my precious metals scrap?

Payment should be made in steps:

How can I buy Precious Metals for investment or to use in jewelry, dental work etc..?